Terms and conditions for sales

conditionConference of the partiessale

Article 1 - scope of application

These general conditions of sale ("resumes") apply to all sales contracts entered into by seller and non professional buyers, which are intended to purchase products sold by seller on site ("products").https://fr.linkedwear.net/.The products sold on the website are as follows:


The main features of the product, including product specifications, illustrations and size or capacity descriptions, are posted on the website.https://fr.linkedwear.net/What customers must know before ordering.

Choosing and purchasing products is the sole responsibility of the customer.

The quoted price of the product is within the range of on hand stock specified at the time of ordering.

These resumes are available at any time on the website.https://fr.linkedwear.net/And take precedence over any other documents.

The customer said that the resume had been read and accepted by the customer prior to the implementation of the on-site online ordering process.https://fr.linkedwear.net/.

Data recorded in the seller's computer system as evidence of all transactions with customers, unless otherwise proved.

The seller's contact information is as follows:
RS Project,SARL
Capital stock EUR 26000
Registration number: 884005042, Louise Michel 92300, Levallois Perret

Tel: 0952745231
Community internal VAT number

Products made on sitehttps://fr.linkedwear.net/Proposed for sale to the following territories: Europe.
If the order is to a country outside France, the customer is the importer of the product in question.

For all products shipped outside the European Union and dom-tom, the price will be automatically duty-free.

Local customs or other taxes or import or state taxes may become due and are solely the responsibility of the customer.

Article 2 - price

The products are available at the current rates specified in sitehtps: Lynkenwell When the seller records the order.

Prices are expressed in Euro, HT and TTC.
The price takes into account any reduction made by the seller on site.https://fr.linkedwear.net/.

These duties are fixed and unchangeable during their validity period, but the Seller reserves the right to change the price at any time, but beyond the validity period.

The price does not include processing, shipping, transportation and delivery costs, which are based on the conditions stated on site and calculated prior to ordering.

The amount charged to the customer is the total amount of the purchase including these fees.
The Seller issues an invoice and gives it to the customer at the time of delivery.

Article 3 - orders

Selected by the client on the websitehttps://fr.linkedwear.net/(a) In accordance with Article VII of the financial regulations and rules of the United Nations, the following outputs are delivered to the Secretary General of the United Nations:

As long as it can be seen on site, as long as there is inventory, the product quotation is valid.

Sales are considered valid only after full payment of the price. It is the customer's responsibility to verify the accuracy of the order and report any errors immediately.

On site orderhttps://fr.linkedwear.net/The formation of a remote contract between the customer and the seller.

Reserves the right to cancel or reject customer purchase orders in dispute.

Customers can track the progress of orders on the website.

The customer can cancel the order (...) only before the delivery of the product (... Whether or not the legal cancellation provisions apply).

Article 3 bis - customer space - accounts

To order, ask the customer to create an account ("personal space").
To this end, applicants must complete the form submitted to them at the time of the order and undertake to provide true and accurate information about their citizenship and contact information, including their email address.

The customer is responsible for updating the information provided and explaining to the customer that the customer can modify the information by logging in to his / her account.

In order to access their personal space and control history, customers must identify themselves by using the user name and password sent to them after registration, which are completely private. He will be responsible for using it alone.

Customers can also visit a dedicated web page in their personal space or send an email to: Contact @ linkedwear.net This will work for a reasonable period of time.

If the general conditions of sale and / or use are not complied with, the websitehttps://fr.linkedwear.net/After an email notification, the customer can suspend or close the account without any effect.

The deletion of any account, for whatever reason, will result in the complete deletion of all personal information of the customer.

In case of site or server failure caused by force majeure, the Seller shall not be liable for any interruption or change in the maintenance process.

The establishment of the account should result in acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

Article 4 terms of payment

1. The price shall be paid by safe payment in the following ways:
-Bank card payment
-Payment to the seller's bank account by bank transfer (... Inform the customer of his contact information at the time of ordering)

The price will be paid in full by the customer on the day the order is issued.

Exchange payment data in an encrypted manner through a protocol defined by a licensed payment institution participating in on-site banking transactionshttps://fr.linkedwear.net/.

Payment by the customer is defined as final payment only after the seller has actually received the amount owed.

The seller is not required to release the goods ordered by the customer unless the customer has paid in full in accordance with the above conditions.

Article 5. Delivery

Products ordered by customers will be shipped to France or Europe.
The delivery time is within 48 hours from the address designated by the customer when ordering on site.

Delivery refers to the transfer of actual possession or control of the goods to the customer. Unless there are special circumstances or one or more products cannot be obtained, the ordered goods will be delivered in one time.

The seller undertakes to use its best efforts to deliver the products ordered by the customer within the above specified period.

If the ordered product is not delivered within 30 days after the indicative delivery date, the sale may be terminated at the customer's written request in accordance with articles L 216-2, l 216-3 and l 241-4 of the consumer law, except for force majeure or acts of the customer. In such case, the amount paid by the employer will be returned to the employer within 14 days from the date of termination of the contract, excluding any compensation or retention money.

Delivery is guaranteed by an independent carrier, and the address is designated by the customer at the time of ordering, which can be easily inquired by the carrier.

When the customer is responsible for seeking help from a carrier of his own choice, The goods ordered by the seller are deemed to have been delivered to the carrier and the carrier has accepted the goods without reservation. Therefore, the Customer acknowledges that the carrier is the owner of the goods and that the carrier has no warranty against the seller in the event that the goods are not delivered.

If the customer specifically requests the packing or transportation conditions of the goods ordered and formally accepted by the seller in written form, a specific invoice shall be issued for the relevant expenses according to the quotation accepted by the customer in written form in advance.

The customer is obliged to verify the status of the delivered goods. Within 30 days after the delivery of the goods, the customer has the right to file a claim by email with all relevant documents attached ("photos"). There are no obvious defects and the seller cannot effectively accept any claim.

The seller will repay or replace the delivered goods as soon as possible in accordance with the conditions specified in article L 217-4 and the following of the consumer law and the conditions specified in this resume, if the customer has properly proved that the goods are not in conformity with the contract or have obvious or hidden defects.

Only when the customer actually takes possession of the goods can the risk of loss and damage be transferred. Therefore, the flow of goods is related to the risks and risks of the seller, unless the customer chooses the carrier himself. Risk passes when the asset is delivered to the carrier.

Article 6 transfer of ownership

"The transfer of ownership of the seller's products can only be achieved after the customer has paid the price in full, regardless of the delivery date of the products.

Article 7 - tractor rights

According to article l221-18 of the consumer law, consumers have 14 days to exercise their right to cancel the remote contract. Whether on the phone or outside the place of business, consumers do not have to explain the reasons for their decision and do not have to bear the expenses beyond expectation. In articles l.221-23 to l.221-25, the time limit referred to in paragraph 1 begins on the following dates:

1. The conclusion of the service contract and the contract mentioned in article l.221-4;
2. Acceptance of the sales contract by the consumer or other third party designated by the carrier

For a contract concluded outside the place of business, the consumer may exercise the right of cancellation from the date of the conclusion of the contract.
If a purchase order involves more than one single delivery of goods, or a purchase order involving goods consisting of multiple batches or parts, the delivery time is within the specified period, from the time when the last or last batch of goods is received.

In the case of a contract which provides for the regular delivery of the goods within a specified period of time, the period shall start from the date of receipt of the first property. "

The right of recovery can be exercised online, using the attached withdrawal form, or explicitly provided on the website or in any other statement. Express the wish to take it back, especially by sending an email to the seller, by sending the email or email address mentioned in Item 1 of the resume.

The regression shall be carried out in the original state and the complete state (packaging, accessories, notification, etc.), and it is allowed to carry out the regression with a new statement and attached with the purchase invoice.

Damaged, salted or incomplete products are not subject to retaliation, and the refund fee shall be borne by the customer.

"'exchange '(as the case may be) or refund shall be made within 14 days after the seller receives the products returned by the customer in accordance with this article.

Article 8 - seller's liability - warranty

The products provided by the seller benefit from:
For defective, damaged or damaged products or products that do not meet the requirements of the order, the conformity guarantee stipulated by law shall be provided,
Guarantee legally against hidden defects due to material defects, defects in design or manufacturing that affect the delivered products and improper use,

Legal safeguards

Article l217-4 of consumption law

"... the seller is obliged to deliver the goods in conformity with the provisions of the contract and is responsible for the non conformity existing at the time of issue. Installation or installation instructions shall be issued if the installation or installation is specified in the contract, or is specified in the contract, or is performed by the responsibilities specified in the contract. "

Article l217-5 of consumption law

"... the assets conform to the contract:

1 ° if the asset is suitable for the expected customary use of similar assets, and as appropriate:

-Conform to the description of the seller and have the quality submitted by the seller in the form of samples or models;

-The buyer has reasonable expectations based on the public statements made by the seller, the producer or their agents, especially in respect of advertisements or labels;

"2 ° or if the agreement has the characteristics determined by mutual agreement of the parties, or is suitable for any special purpose sought in the valuation, it shall be notified to and agreed by the seller."
Article l217-12 of consumption law
Article 1641 of the Civil Code stipulates that "a suit brought for non-compliance shall be terminated within two years from the date of the release of the property."

"... the seller is obliged to provide a guarantee for the hidden defects in the option sold, which makes the option unsuitable for the purpose for which it is intended, or substantially reduces the use of the option so that the buyer cannot obtain the guarantee, or if the seller knows the option, only gives a lower price."

Article 1648, paragraph 1, of the civil code

"... the buyer must bring an action within two years after the defect is found."

Article l217-16 of the consumption law.

"... if the seller requires the restoration of the security right during the period of the commercial security provided to it at the time of the purchase or repair of the movable property, "A fixed period of more than 7 days is another period in addition to the remaining period of the security deposit. If the provision of the security deposit is made after the application for the security deposit, the security deposit shall be calculated from the date when the security deposit of the property concerned is raised."

In order to protect its rights, the customer must inform the seller in writing ("mail or letter") that the products do not conform to the contract or that hidden defects are found.

The seller will repay, replace or repair the goods or secured documents deemed to be inconsistent or defective.

The freight will be reimbursed at the invoice rate and the return fee will be reimbursed after the documents are submitted.

For the non-conforming or defective products, the Seller shall repay, replace or repair the products as soon as possible within 30 days after the seller determines that the products are not in conformity with the contract or have defects, and can be repaid by transfer or bank check.

The Seller shall not be liable under the following circumstances:
Non compliance with the laws of the country where the goods are delivered, verified by the customer,
In the case of improper use, professional use, negligence or maintenance of some customers, such as normal wear and tear of products, accidents or force majeure.
The pictures and charts taken on site are not stipulated in the contract, and the Seller shall not be liable.

Seller's warranty shall in any event be limited to the replacement or return of non-conforming or defective products.

Article 9 personal data

The customer is informed that the collection of his personal data is necessary for the sale and delivery of the products to the seller and that such personal data is collected only for the purpose of fulfilling the sales contract.

9.1 collection of personal data

B. Personal data collected on sitehttps://fr.linkedwear.net/Here are:

Open an account

When creating a customer / user account:

Name, name, mailing address, telephone number and email address.


As part of the payment site producthttps://fr.linkedwear.net/,The system records the financial data of a customer / user's bank account or credit card.

9.2 personal data recipients

Personal data is used by the seller and its co contractors to perform the contract and ensure the efficiency of the sale and distribution of the products.

Types of CO contractors(

9.3 Processing Officer

According to the information and Freedom Act, the data processing officer is the seller as of May 25, 2018 under the personal data protection ordinance No. 2016 / 679.

9.4 restricted treatment

Personal data is not used for advertising or marketing purposes unless the customer expressly agrees.

9.5 data retention period

The seller will keep such data for a period of five years covering the applicable limitation period of civil liability of the contract.

9.6 security and confidentiality

In terms of digital security, the Seller shall take organizational, technical, software and physical measures to protect personal data from unauthorized tampering, destruction and access. It should be pointed out that the Internet is not a completely secure environment, and the seller can not guarantee the security of transmitting or storing information on the Internet.

9.7 implement the rights of customers and users

According to the personal data management regulations, users and website usershttps://fr.linkedwear.net/Enjoy the following rights:

2. Parties may update or delete the following data:

Application email
They may open an account for themselves by writing to the e-mail address of the "processing officer" specified in Article 9.3, and they may exercise their right of access to personal data by writing to the address specified in Article 9.3. "
If the personal data held by the seller is not accurate, they may request an update of the information by writing to "... Processor" at the address specified in Clause 9.3.
They may request the deletion of their personal data by writing to the address specified in section 9.3, in accordance with applicable data protection laws. "
They can also request that the data held by the Seller be migrated to another supplier.
Finally, they may object to the seller processing their data.

These rights, as long as there is no objection to the purpose of treatment, can be exercised by email or email to the above-mentioned person in charge of treatment.

The processing staff must respond within a period of not more than one month. If the customer refuses to respond, the reason must be given.

The client was informed that if rejected, he could file a claim with the French National Compensation Commission (3 fontenoy Plaza, 75007 Paris) or with the judicial authorities.

Customers can be asked to choose the circumstances in which they agree to receive information and advertising mail from the seller, and customers can withdraw their agreement at any time by contacting the seller or by tracking the termination of the relationship.

Article 10 intellectual property

Website contenthttps://fr.linkedwear.net/It is the property of the seller and its partners and is protected by French and international intellectual property law.

Reproduction in whole or in part of such materials is strictly prohibited and may constitute a crime of forgery.

Article 11 - applicable law - language

This resume and the transactions arising therefrom are governed by French law.

If these resumes are translated into one or more foreign languages, only the French version shall prevail in case of dispute.

Article 12 - disputes

If you have any claim, please contact customer service and contact the seller's email address specified in Item 1 of this resume.

"The client has been informed that in any case, the client can use conventional mediation, sector specific mediation or any other dispute resolution method (such as mediation) to resolve the dispute.

In this case, the designated ombudsman filed a complaint.
Louise Michelle Streethttps://fr.linkedwear.net/

E-mail: Contact @ linkedwead.net

The client was also informed that he could also use the online dispute resolution platform ("RLL"):https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.show

All business disputes concluded in accordance with this resume, which are not settled amicably between sellers or through mediation, shall be submitted to the competent court at common law.

Annex I

Date, date

This form can only be completed and returned if the customer wishes to cancel the downloaded order.https://fr.linkedwear.net/Exceptions or restrictions on the exercise of cancellation rights in accordance with the applicable general conditions of sale.

Pay attention to SARL, RS project
17 levalois Perret street 92300 Louise Michel
I hereby give notice to cancel the contract of the following property:
-Order number:
-Customer Name:
-Customer address:

Customer's signature ("only if this form is notified in writing")